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Ignite your passion and prepare for a successful future

Land internships that will provide valuable hands-on experience in the career area of your choice and elevate your college application.

From Learning to Interning

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Step 1: Discover your unique path through a live bootcamp with other students

With no prior experience required, we train and help you practice professional skills such as resume creation, interview, and communication. This will get you ready for the next exciting step.

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Step 2: Apply to and land your dream internships

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We guide you every step of the way in your internship application process with our partner organizations. Once you secure a suitable internship match, transition seamlessly with our training and support!

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Step 3: Get ongoing support and mentorship for your internship journey

Our team of expert mentors will help you to succeed in your internship. Companies offer exclusive internships to our students because we provide training support and mentorship so that you will learn essential skills and add value from day one. This internship experience will be a life-changing one.


of students are more prepared and confident about their post-high school plan

9.6 out of 10

satisfaction rating by students about their overall experience


of students are more comfortable with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication

Hear From Others

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My son is much more confident, motivated, and determined to go after his dreams. He’s in 11th grade but didn’t know what he wanted to study in college. Gateway did an amazing job helping him explore suitable career paths, improve his communications skills, and create his LinkedIn and resume. He even set up a meeting with me to share his progress!

- Suzan T., parent of 11th grader

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I liked learning about different career paths related to tech and enjoyed all of the information I received. I learned a lot about myself!

- High School Freshman

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I enjoyed the fun interactive activities and practice talking. It was useful to have scenarios where I could exercise and improve my speaking skills.

- College Sophomore

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