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Accelerate your professional career and gain hands-on experience in your field of interest.

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For High School Students

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Stand out and be competitive in college applications.

Expand avenues for career exploration and future planning beyond high school.

Gain valuable skills and improve resume credentials through practical experience.

For College Students

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Obtain internships related to your major and develop a strong understanding of the industry.

Establish valuable industry connections and build a robust professional network.

Obtain a competitive edge in the job market.

Gateway by the Numbers


Average percent change in Gateway students’ self-assessment of Workplace Readiness Skills (e.g. communication, time management, career, creativity, and others).


Net Promoter Score of Gateway: students’ experience metric measuring their loyalty and satisfaction (ranging from -100 to 100).


of students who participate in Gateway’s program secure a career opportunity (e.g. internship, externship, research) in their field of interest.

Compared to Industry’s Metrics


Average percent change in students’ Employability & Career Skills from Massachusetts’ career program¹.


Net Promoter Score average of educational institutions operating in the education industry².


of high school students had completed internships³, and 22% of college students participate in internships.⁴

¹"Connecting Activities Annual Report 2021", MassConnecting

²"NPS Benchmarks for 2022: Good Net Promoter Scores by Industry”, Survicate

³"Spotlight on High School Internships”, American Student Assistance

⁴"National Survey of College Internships (NSCI) 2021 Report”, Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT) at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Journey At Gateway

Each Step Is Invaluable

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Submit your application and land your dream opportunities

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One-Time Application:

Unlock Opportunities:

Simply get started in just 5 minutes.

Open doors to exclusive internships that are most suitable for you.

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Kickstart Your Career:

Consult with a Gateway mentor to highlight your strengths and determine your unique path.

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Upskill with proprietary training to launch into your career path

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Expert Guidance:

Our expert mentors will guide you to interview and land your top choice internships or other opportunities.

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Essential Skills:

Acquire in-demand skills to make you competitive in today's job market such as communication and time-management.

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Professional Readiness:

Seamlessly transition into the professional setting to succeed in your internship.

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Spearhead meaningful projects and tasks to develop your skills

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Mentorship Support:

Excel with Purpose:

Smooth Off-boarding:

Our mentors are by your side every step of the way and immediately reachable through text or email to overcome any challenges.

Experience meaningful growth and developmental opportunities as you work closely with your supervisors and team members.

Step-by-step guide to close out your opportunity, including a letter of recommendation request and resume update.

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Our Past Student Spotlight

Meet Rhiannon, Alive Podcast Network Digital Media Intern

Senior at South Lakes High School

Reston, Virginia

Interested in Graphic Design

2-Months Internship

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What did you learn throughout the internship?

I was able to challenge my editing and designing skills in a professional workspace, but I also learned how to communicate with my boss, delegate tasks to my teammates, and manage my time responsibly. Learning all these things and how to keep a work-life balance as a high schooler was extremely insightful.

How has the internship impacted you?

It solidified my pursuit of graphic design when I was uncertain about my career path. After this experience, I feel much more confident entering other internships and jobs in the future.

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Hear From Others

I liked learning about different career paths related to tech and enjoyed all of the information I received. I learned a lot about myself!

- A High School Freshman

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I enjoyed the fun interactive activities and practice talking. It was useful to have scenarios where I could exercise and improve my speaking skills.

- A College Sophomore

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My son is much more confident, motivated, and determined to go after his dreams. He’s in 11th grade but didn’t know what he wanted to study in college. Gateway did an amazing job helping him explore suitable career paths, improve his communications skills, and create his LinkedIn and resume. He even set up a meeting with me to share his progress!

- A Parent of a High School Junior


of students are more prepared and confident about their future career plan

9.3 out of 10

satisfaction rating by students about their overall experience


of students are more comfortable with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication


Great service, great value

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What You

Will Get

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Starting at $2,500

We partner with schools and companies to reduce tuition for select students, up to 100%.

Apply below to see if you qualify for sponsorship or scholarship.

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Network with like-minded students globally

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