Employer-Sponsored Internships

Summer 2023 VR Marketing Internship

Social Media, Digital Tech, & AI Integration

Modernize STEM education with virtual reality

No Prior Experience Is Required. Applications are closed.

Equip NextGens With Cutting-Edge Tech

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Gain firsthand experience in VR technology and its potential to transform education

Develop marketing skills like AI integration and social media to drive your career development

Play a critical role in driving change in the Education Technology industry

This Summer Internship Opportunity at

Dope Nerds VR® is more than just a solutions provider – they're your guide to a virtual universe! They provide VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and amazing VR experiences, making the world more exciting and accessible right from your classroom or venue.

What You'll Learn

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Collaborate with the team to develop innovative marketing strategies and promotional campaigns

Manage and create engaging content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok

Learn to leverage AI tools to boost productivity and efficiency, without replacing the creative human touch

Assist with event planning and coordination for our VR STEM workshops

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Applications are closed.

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June 19 - August 14, 2023

Length: 2 months

Where: hybrid based in McLean, VA

This internship requires our training program

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Learn the industry, role, and company-specific skills

Gain essential communication and time management skills

Get 1:1 mentorship and support throughout the internship

How It Works

Mixed Race Teen School Girl Remote Learning during Online Group Class.
Distance learning online education
Freelance Entrepreneur Working Remotely

Pre-College & Internship Training Prep

Asynchronous Skills Learning

Hybrid Marketing Internship

Workshops in small groups led by our college & career expert mentors

Learn basic understanding and skills remotely to be ready on day one

Put your knowledge into practice to gain hands-on marketing experience


of students are more prepared and confident about their post-high school plan

9.6 out of 10

satisfaction rating by students about their overall experience


of students are more comfortable with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication

Have Questions?

Will I earn a Certificate?

Yes! You will earn signed certificates of completion for your training prep and internship.

How Do I Attend?

The training prep will be held on Zoom and asynchronously. The internship is remote.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, you can come in with no marketing knowledge. As we designed this for students at any level, we will teach you from the beginning.

Am I guaranteed an internship placement?

No. Every student adheres to our application process, which includes the application form, student's resume, and interview. We encourage every student to complete our Bootcamp to gain resume and interview skills.

If the student is accepted to the internship program, the student will commit to the program by undergoing rigorous training to upskill for the internship.

How long is the Program?

The internship is 2 months, which includes the training prep. Pre-work takes about a full day of work to complete asynchronously.

What is Gateway?

Gateway is a platform offering expert-led virtual workshops and internships, where students explore their career interests and build confidence to prepare for a successful future!

We partner with organizations and industry experts in future-proof and high-demand careers to provide real-time advice and hands-on learning.

Have More Questions?

Schedule a 15-min consultation with one of our experts!

HanhLinh Ho, Co-Founder & Mentor at Gateway

  • Award-winning community leader

  • An interviewer on the Georgetown MBA admissions team

  • American University, B.B.A., Management Information Systems and Services
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