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Medical Internship Summer '24

Urgent Care, Primary Care, Cardiology

Open to Junior & Senior High School Students | In-Person at Annandale, VA

Fuel Your Purpose With Every Heartbeat

Intern this Summer '24 at

American Executive Health System, a multi-specialty medical center providing urgent care, primary care in family medicine, and cardiology.

Case Discussion at Medical Center

What You'll Learn & Do

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Assist with patient care through check-in, check-out, triage, and intake procedures.

Be a medical scribe during doctor-patient interactions and perform admin and clinical tasks.

Learn how electrocardiogram (EKG) works and assist in heart monitoring, stress testing, and reviewing medication lists.

Gain an understanding of medical terminology, patient privacy (HIPAA), cardiology, urgent care, and primary care in medical medicine.

Attend pharmaceutical meetings to learn about new medications.

& much more!

Apply Now

2 US/International Junior & Senior High School Students Will Be Accepted

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Summer 2024

Length: 3 months

Schedule: 4-6 hours per weekday for 3-5 days per week

Where: in person at Annandale, VA

Our proprietary training program accelerates your success

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Learn industry, clinic, and role-specific knowledge and skills

Gain essential durable skills (communication, time management)

Get 1:1 mentorship and support throughout the internship


of students are confident in their ability to perform internship duties after the training

9.6 out of 10

satisfaction rating by students about their overall experience


of students are more comfortable with verbal, non-verbal, and written communication


Will I receive a Letter of Recommendation?

As long as you do well in your internship, your supervisor(s) are more than happy to provide recommendation letters. We provide ongoing mentorship to ensure your success.

How Do I Participate in this Program?

All students who want to be considered for any of Gateway's internships need to be a student in the Gateway Internship Program. Submit your application to the Gateway Internship Program, then schedule a 30-min interview with our team member to be considered. Once you become a Gateway student, you will participate in our career preparation training to be able to land the internship you desire.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, you can come in with no medical knowledge. As we designed this for students at any level, we will teach you from the beginning.

Am I guaranteed an internship placement?

No. Every student adheres to our application process, which includes the application form, student's resume, and interview. We provide optional training included in the program to help craft your application and improve your interview skills.

If the student is accepted to the internship program, the student will commit to the program by undergoing rigorous training to upskill for the internship.

How long is the Program?

The internship lasts 3 months with the option to extend. The pre-internship training takes about a full day of work to complete asynchronously.


Our program tuition starts at $2,500 USD, designed to make the internship experience as valuable as possible for students with limited professional experience, which includes:

  • A curriculum of career materials curated by industry experts
  • 1:1 sessions with a dedicated mentor to discover your career path, polish your resume, and improve your interview skills
  • Get personalized matches to interview with innovative organizations and companies
  • Pre-internship training for the industry, role, and company-specific knowledge and skills
  • Pre-internship 1.5 hours live cohort workshop in communications and time management
  • Ongoing 1:1 support & mentorship to answer questions and give guidance within a day
  • Offboarding guidance, which includes resume updates and thank you notes

What is Gateway?

Gateway is a platform offering educational internship programs, where students explore their career interests and build confidence to prepare for a successful future!

We partner with organizations and companies in high-demand and high-paying careers to provide real-time advice and hands-on learning.

Have More Questions?

Schedule a 15-min consultation with one of our experts!

HanhLinh Ho, Co-Founder & Mentor at Gateway

  • Award-winning community leader

  • An interviewer on the Georgetown MBA admissions team

  • American University, B.B.A., Management Information Systems and Services
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