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We're guided by the mission to equip ​the workforce with the skills they need ​to thrive and contribute meaningfully to ​each organization they are part of.

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We are two sisters whose passion is to equip the workforce with the skills they need to ​thrive and contribute meaningfully to each organization they are part of, improving ​employee satisfaction, retention, and the impact of that new employee’s involvement.

This is something we wished we had when joining the workforce, especially in an ​increasingly remote and hybrid world. Join us!

HanhLinh Ho

Co-founder &

Chief Executive Officer

MaiLinh Ho

Co-founder &

Chief Product Officer

Since Founding In July 2022




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Our Values

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We drive revolutionary innovation by ​daring to break the status quo and ​placing the human experience at the ​highest priority.

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We create a sense of trust and ​belonging by inviting our team and ​communities to bring their full selves ​with respect and acceptance.

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We believe that creating a safe and ​engaging learning environment are ​the keys to unlocking transformative ​and lasting growth.

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We give back because we believe in the ripple effect of paying forward and the power of thriving together.

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